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Dearest reader, I hope this text finds you well. This Compendium is meant to teach younger initiates a baseline of general knowledge. Included are a variety of subjects about the current state and mystical history of our world, Avalos, and the many races that populate it. The world of Avalos is constantly changing, constantly moving forward, and as such, it is our duty as Scholars to record knowledge, both new and old, for its preservation. It is my sincere hope that you use this knowledge to better yourself and sharpen your mind.

-Scholar Magnus Jorn Diranius

Notice, this compendium is for Scholarium use only. If found outside of the direct ownership of a Scholar of Apprentice-level or higher, please destroy this text, preferably with fire and some sort of serrated blade by any means possible. If you cannot read this or lack the ability to understand Common, ignore the first warning and try to return this to a designated Scholar Conclave.

Thank you.


Main Page

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